Author: Lacuadra

Immigrants do not commit more crimes, but some politicians still claim that they do

Past political rhetoric on immigration may surprise you. During a 1980 debate between then-presidential candidates George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan, both Republicans expressed openness to immigration across the southern border. Bush called Mexican migrants “good people, strong people,” who deserve the same rights as their neighbors regardless of immigration status. Rather than talk about […]

San Bernardino City Council Faces Tough Decisions as 2024/2025 Budget Exceeds Revenue, Animal Services Under Review

For the first time in almost five years City of San Bernardino’s The proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024/2025 projects higher expenses than revenues, leading to intense debate among city councilors during the special meeting on June 26. Councilman Theodore Sanchez highlighted the fiscal discrepancy, saying, “We have $236.6 million in revenue and the […]

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