England Euro 2024 final: O2 poll opens for free viewing

Caption, Will Gareth Southgate’s side bring home the football on Sunday?

England’s match against Spain in the Euro 2024 final will be shown at The O2 in London, with free tickets available by ballot.

A total of 15,000 tickets have been made available for the event at the Greenwich arena, organized by the Mayor of London.

Fans can apply via a poll open from 10:00 BST Thursday 11 July to 09:00 BST Friday 12 July.

City Hall did not comment on why the event was held in a commercial venue rather than an open, public area, saying the cost to taxpayers would be “published in due course”.

subtitles, Fans celebrate England’s EC semi-final win at The Killers’ O2 concert CREDIT: @nikkiwicks

City Hall says the screening at The O2 will be shown on “a huge 16m screen”, and says doors will open at 6pm BST for “pre-match entertainment”.

Fans can apply for up to four tickets each and will find out on Friday at noon if they have been successful.

“Welcome economic recovery”

The event is open to under 18s but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Organizers say fans are welcome to wear an England shirt but no other football shirts will be allowed.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the game would be shown across London’s pubs, bars and venues, not just at The O2, and would provide “a welcome economic boost”.

Caption, The Shard has been lit up with St George’s Crosses to cheer England on to Sunday’s final

The Mayor said: “I am so proud of what this team has achieved in reaching another grand final.

“I am delighted that we can now invite 15,000 England fans to The O2 on Sunday night for what we all hope will be a night of great drama and celebration.”

Steve Sayer, senior vice president and general manager at The O2, said: “It will be an incredible atmosphere with up to 15,000 fans in the arena, and hopefully a memorable night of celebration. It’s coming home!”

Caption, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in the fan zone in central London at the final Uefa Euro 2021 competition

England’s game has been shown across the capital, even interrupting theater performances and concerts.

During the semi-final match against the Netherlands, The Killers interrupted the end of their concert on 02 to give the fans an end to the match and the winning goal, before launching into their hit song ‘Mr Brightside’.

After England’s win, the team announced that London’s tallest building, The Shard, would be lit up with the England flag for England’s final game against Spain on Sunday.

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