Letitia Wright distances herself from Sound of Hope’s Daily Wire Ties

“Black Panther” star Letitia Wright distances herself from conservative magazine The Daily Wire’s “Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot” tape. She serves as an executive producer on the Angel Studios film but only recently learned of the studio’s partnership with The Daily Wire.

Wright in one statement on Instagram from the weekend said it is a “beautiful film that gives a voice to vulnerable children”, but she was disappointed to see the film become a lightning rod for political division.

“It’s a shame to see small pockets of online discourse take a divisive political turn. This story is not about politics, it’s about children,” Wright said in part in a statement. She went on to say that “any conversation that denigrates it is unnecessary and harmful.”

The inspirational film premiered on July 4 and has already earned more than $8 million at the US box office. “Sound of Hope” follows Donna and Pastor Martin, who, along with 22 families from their black church in the rural East Texas town of Possum Trot, adopt 77 children struggling to fit into the foster care system.

Wright said that after the film was completed, Angel Studios came on board to handle distribution and later partnered with The Daily Wire.

“It was not my decision, and I was not given an update or made aware of this decision,” she said. “I am in no way affiliated or affiliated with The Daily Wire. I am grateful to all those who want to positively champion this film and the campaign to serve children. However, I do not condone this film being used for politically divisive purposes .That’s not why I joined the project.”

In June, The Daily Wire announced its partnership with Angel Studios to release the film. The Daily Wire also promoted the film with a conversation between one of the film’s subjects and commentator Ben Shapiro.

Jordan Harmon, president of Angel Studios, said in a statement to the press on Wednesday, “This powerful film takes a stand for vulnerable children, and we are pursuing partners who are passionate about this fight. Angel Studios is grateful for the partnership of both Letitia and the Daily Wire to get this story out into the world, and we encourage anyone concerned about the foster care and adoption crisis to get involved and watch “Sound of Hope.”

“Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot”Angel Studios

“On its opening day – July 4th – Sound of Hope was one of the top-grossing films nationwide, second only to Disney’s biggest release of the year. This film is shaping up to be huge and has the potential to start a movement to end America’s Fetal Crisis The Daily Wire is truly honored to partner with Angel Studios on such an important project,” The Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing said in a statement to IndieWire.

Boreing added, “But such is the intolerance of the modern left that instead of celebrating this achievement and all it might mean, one of the film’s producers, Letitia Wright of Black Panther fame, used the opportunity to denounce The Daily Wire’s involvement in sharing this message over the whole country. Letitia and I probably don’t share the same politics, but I think we share a Christian faith and, more importantly, the same goal of highlighting something we can all agree on – a community coming together to help children in need hope people don’t allow this distraction to steal from the message of the movie and the impact it can have. Everyone should see this movie and join the fight for the kids. It’s too important not to.”

While far from the scale reached by last year’s “Sound of Freedom,” another politically divisive film that shared themes of child abuse, “Sound of Hope” has also drawn attention from the right. Before the film’s release, Daily Wire contributor and conservative pundit Matt Walsh, in promoting the film, said, “Leftists are trying to stop Christians from saving more children.”

Like “Sound of Freedom” before it, “Sound of Hope” launched on July 4 with a Pay It Forward release strategy to allow people who see the film to buy a ticket for a stranger to see it for free and spread the word.

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