October 7 IDF investigation launches Israeli demands for state investigation

After the first round of findings of the Oct. 7 IDF inquiry released Thursday, in which the IDF alleged failures on several dimensions during the Hamas attacks, some Israeli politicians have responded to the probe’s findings by calling for a state commission of inquiry.

Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman responded to the investigation’s results, writing on X, formally Twitter, that Israel can no longer escape a state commission of inquiry. According to him, the investigation must begin with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

“The initial investigation presented this evening proves that there is no escape from the appointment of a state investigative committee led by a judge,” he wrote.

Instead of avoiding accountability and “blaming soldiers who risked their lives to protect the residents (of Kibbutz Be’eri) from bloodthirsty terrorists, the investigation must begin with the prime minister and the defense minister, who are primarily responsible for the most terrible failure in the country’s history.” ”

“All the commanders of the IDF should also bear responsibility, especially those who said on the eve of the war that Hamas is deterred and has no interest in escalation,” he added.

Israel Beytenu party chairman MK Avigdor Liberman leads a factional meeting in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem on July 8, 2024. (Credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

Similarly, opposition leader Yair Lapid also called for a state commission of inquiry following the probe results and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s statements on Thursday that Israel needs a national inquiry to clarify the facts of the October 7 IDF investigation.

“Gallant’s statement and the Be’eri investigation prove even more strongly the need for a state commission of inquiry into the events of October 7. The government cannot continue to shirk its responsibility towards the citizens of Israel, the families of the fallen and the families of the fallen. families of the hostages,” Lapid wrote on X.

Call to investigate all involved on October 7

“This commission of inquiry should be objective; it should scrutinize all of us – the government, the army and the security agencies. It must scrutinize me along with the prime minister and the chief of staff,” Gallant said in his Thursday speech at 10 p.m. the graduation ceremony for the IDF officer course.

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennet responded to the first round of findings of the October 7 IDF investigation on Thursday afternoon.

According to Bennet, “the government of Israel and the IDF High Command have caused a colossal and unimaginable failure to allow October 7th to happen.”

Labor Party and United Labor-Meretz Bloc Democratic Party Chief Yair Golan also called for a state commission of inquiry.

“Those who don’t want a commission of inquiry know why,” he tweeted. “The IDF investigation into the Beeri failure is a drop in the ocean compared to the investigation that should be conducted.”

He further explained that the victims and survivors of October 7 deserve a full state commission of inquiry and not one conducted “over text.”

“Citizens need this to know that the state is doing everything not to abandon them again,” he concluded.

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