11th Hour Racing continues to sponsor the environment at Newport’s folk and jazz festivals

For the third year in a row, 11th Hour Racing returns as an environmental awareness sponsor of the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals, furthering its commitment to sustainability at these iconic events in Newport, RI

Key initiatives supported by 11th Hour Racing

The Newport Festivals Foundation, in partnership with Sound Future, aims to measure and offset emissions through a regenerative kelp program, tracking carbon offsets in Rhode Island. This initiative will support local kelp farms through GreenWave.

Composting and waste management: The festivals will improve waste management practices by implementing food waste composting, managed by a dedicated green team.

Water refill stations: To reduce single-use plastic consumption, water refill stations will be available for festival-goers.

Bicycle service: Managed by Bike Newport, a bike servicing service will be provided to encourage fossil fuel free transport.

Cycle Stage: Powered by bicycles and solar energy, the Bike Stage will showcase sustainable energy solutions.

Additionally, the Newport Festivals Music Lab, supported by a grant from 11th Hour Racing, is a partnership between the Newport Festivals Foundation and MET East Bay High School. Students meet weekly to learn instruments, form bands and develop important business skills. This year, students from the “Build a Band” program will perform at the Folk Festival.

Working with festival organizers, 11th Hour Racing will also support a sustainability consultant to conduct audits, identify additional opportunities for environmental initiatives at future festivals.

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