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On Wednesday 10 July, a bilateral meeting between judges of the German Federal Constitutional Court and representatives of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic took place in Karlsruhe. Stephan Harbarth, President of the Federal Constitutional Court, and Doris König, Vice-President of the Federal Constitutional Court, acted as hosts, while other judges of the Federal Constitutional Court also participated in the program. The Czech delegation consisted of the President of the Constitutional Court, Josef Baxa, the Vice-Presidents of the Constitutional Court, Veronika Křesťanová and Kateřina Ronovská, and the Justice of the Constitutional Court, Jan Wintr.

A day-long working meeting was divided into two sessions with several topics on the agenda. The morning sessions were devoted to access requirements for constitutional court proceedings and climate change. In the afternoon, the justices discussed the relationship between domestic fundamental rights and the European Convention on Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, uniformity of judicial decisions, binding nature of court practiceand the role and importance of different opinions.

With the bilateral visit, the German and Czech bodies for the protection of constitutionality continued their long-standing and fruitful cooperation. The geographical and historical proximity, the affinity of the legal systems and the similarities in the system of constitutional protection naturally contribute to this fact. However, the cooperation is also strengthened by the joint effort to find legal solutions to complex legal issues through the exchange of knowledge, perspectives and experiences.

Pavel Dvořák
Head of the Department for External Relations and Protocol

© Photo: Bundesverfassungsgericht Franziska Kraufmann / Bundesfoto

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