The reason there won’t be a public big screen in Birmingham to watch the Euro 2024 final

It’s the stuff of dreams, coming along with fellow Brummies to watch Harry Kane and the boys cruise home to glorious victory in the EURO 2024 finals. Imagine that, in one of our wonderful public spaces, singing and celebrating as Gareth Southgate’s team leave Spain in the dust as they hold up the trophy the boys have worked so hard to take?

Birmingham is no stranger to big screen celebrations, we had one for the King’s Coronation and the Commonwealth Games too. But this year, even if the nation’s hopes come down to one last game, we won’t be getting any big public viewing of the EURO 2024 final when it takes place at 8pm on Sunday 14 July.

Birmingham City Council says it has no intention of showing football tournaments and has not done so “for many years”. It added that there is a “wide range of commercial premises across the city where fans can cheer on England”.

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Where to watch the Euro 2024 final in Birmingham

We’ve got a list here of venues that will be showing the football, but it’s worth noting that many have tickets and some require a minimum price to secure a seat. The match will be broadcast live from the Olympiastadion Berlin.

If you’re staying at home to watch with friends, the game will be on BBC One and ITV and kick-off is at 20.00. If England win this will be our first EURO title. The last time we came this close was at Wembley in EURO 2020 when we lost to Italy on penalties.

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