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A Miami social media model and her parents accused of illegally accessing her slain boyfriend’s laptop after she allegedly fatally stabbed him are no longer facing charges in the computer case.

Courtney Clenney and her parents, Kim and Deborah Clenney, were in a Miami-Dade courtroom Thursday where prosecutors announced they would no longer pursue charges of unauthorized access to a computer or electronic device against all three.

Authorities said the parents and Clenney illegally had access to a laptop they claim belonged to Clenney’s boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, after the 27-year-old Obumseli was stabbed to death in the couple’s Edgewater apartment in April 2022.

Courtney Clenney still faces a second-degree murder charge in Obumseli’s death.

The parents’ defense attorneys said the computer was a shared device between Clenney and Obumseli and the parents had authorization to access it.

In June, Judge Laura Cruz ruled to exclude a key piece of evidence in the laptop case, concluding that Miami-Dade prosecutors violated attorney-client privilege by accessing private family conversations with their attorneys regarding the laptop.

Judge Cruz blamed the state for viewing the case “through prosecutorial blinders” that led them to believe the Clenneys and the lawyers were engaged in “criminal activity” when they discussed via email and text how to access a laptop belonging to Clenney’s father recovered from the couple’s condominium after police returned custody to the family.

Instead, she found what they saw was the “normal investigation of a criminal case,” which is protected by attorney-client privilege.

That privilege can be pierced if the communications reveal that the attorneys and clients were engaged in crime or fraud.

The state took it “entirely upon itself to unilaterally conclude that the (criminal fraud) exception applied,” the judge found, when they should have gone to court to determine that.

Courtney Clenney was back in court Thursday morning for a hearing in a laptop tampering case.

The exclusion of the messages does not necessarily affect the murder case, according to defense attorneys.

But Courtney Clenney’s attorneys in the murder case said after court Thursday that they expect the state to now ask the governor to assign another prosecutor to handle that case because Miami-Dade prosecutors, they said, were “tainted” by the communications they read. unduly.

Frank Prieto, one of the attorneys representing Courtney Clenney in the murder trial, said he hopes state prosecutors will recuse themselves, but is preparing a motion if they don’t.

“It’s really disappointing that the state would take this tactic and invade the defense camp that the judge found. They invaded the attorney-client privilege, the work product, they read our texts, our strategy on this case,” Prieto said Thursday. “They cannot and they should not remain in this case.”

Kim Clenney also spoke after court on Thursday, calling the arrest of him and his wife earlier this year “madness”.

“Finally the truth has prevailed. I would also like to say that this has been an ordeal for Deborah and myself for five months, especially over the last two years as Courtney was unfairly held for a crime she did not commit but it is an ordeal that we would gladly go through again 100 times if it would bring justice to Courtney, Kim Clenney said, “But I think the most important thing today is that it has shown bias and extreme mismanagement by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of Courtney. my wife and I unfairly.”

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office released a statement Thursday after the laptop charges were dropped.

“Judge Laura Cruz found that prosecutors were not aware that attorney Frank Prieto was representing Kim and Deborah Clenney because an agreement employing him was only drawn up after their arrest. Additionally, attorney Prieto never publicly indicated that he represented Kim and Deborah Clenney, only their daughter,” the statement read. “A reading of the group texts by police investigators appeared to indicate that a crime had been committed. This information, provided to prosecutors, resulted in felony charges. Since Judge Cruz ruled that the information in all the text messages was covered by attorney-client privilege that precluded them from being used in the criminal case , the charge against each was not brought.”

Courtney Clenney, who went by the name Courtney Tailor on social media, including on OnlyFans, had more than 2 million Instagram followers at the time of Obumseli’s death.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said the couple had an “extremely stormy and combative relationship” and that Obumseli was the victim of domestic violence, while Courtney Clenney’s attorneys have said she was the victim of an abusive relationship and that she stabbed him in self-defense .

“What is truly heartbreaking is that Rundle claims to be an advocate for female victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence, yet she has chosen to target our daughter, who was very much a victim of abuse and was only defending herself that night, she was forced to defend herself, Deborah Clenney said Thursday

Clenney, now 28, remains behind bars as she awaits trial for Obumseli’s murder.

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