PN loses lawsuit due to Vitals Money Recovery

The Nationalist Party has lost a court case it brought against the Attorney General to try to force him to return the money that had been defrauded from the Vitals-Steward hospital deal.

Judge Toni Abela said it was not for the courts to instruct the Attorney General.

PN leader Bernard Grech and MP Adrian Delia had opened the case as a follow-up to Delia’s ground-breaking court victory, in which the Vitals-Steward affair was declared fraudulent. As a result of the ruling, the government renationalised St Luke’s, Karin Grech and Gozo General Hospitals.

The PN said the state attorney was obliged to recover the “400 million euros” the state had lost as a result of the deal without waiting for instructions from the government, which has disputed the multimillion-dollar figure.

However, State Attorney Chris Soler accused the PN politicians of trying to mislead the court to score political points.

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