Pfizer moves ahead with once-a-day weight loss pills

Shares of Pfizer ( PFE ) rose slightly in early trading Thursday after announcing it will move forward with a once-daily weight loss pill. Anjalee Khemlani reports more on the drug’s early trials and how it might fit into the booming weight-loss drug market.

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Shares of Pfizer are on the way here, up about half a percent after the company announced it is moving forward with a once-daily version of its weight-loss pill.

After seeing encouraging data in an ongoing early-stage study, Yahoo Finance on KK is here on the spot with more about.

Thank you for being here.

Obviously a lot of potential pent up demand for a weight loss pill.

What do we know about the efficiency here, the efficiency for consumers and of course the demand picture.

Yeah, so really interesting story for pfizer, isn’t it?

As you can see with the movement in the stock today, investors are kind of like giving them a cookie, which here is a gold star, you finally got somewhere with another weight loss drug.

And so we know they had to go back on their twice-daily pill before.

And now they’re looking at once daily, they had about a 50% dropout from twice daily because, you know, patients couldn’t really handle the effects of that.

So they’re looking at that once daily as a potential now that can change the effectiveness and the amount of weight loss that patients then see, we know Danny lebron pretty much has an 8 to 13% weight loss.

And that puts it in Novo Nordisk’s ballpark, doesn’t it?

We know that Eli Lilly, for example, has a slightly higher percentage weight loss.

So really competitive in terms of weight loss percentage being an oral pill definitely puts it in a very competitive space.

But exactly what the results will be and what the dosage will be will affect the percentage of weight loss.

And that’s where the investors are focused.

They’ve been kind of uh you know, focused on Pfizer, the broader story and how it’s coming back from that covid win.

And that continues to be the ongoing story here for pfizer and how do investors view pfizer’s potential to break into this space?

Considering this conversation has really only been dominated by these two names for so long.

Well, they look at all the other competitors right?

Then we’re going to see a competitive market for weight loss drugs in general, oral pills are a very important part of that competition because that’s where you open up more opportunities for those who might not want to take, you know, weekly injections.

And so that’s where Pfizer gets to play a role.

We also know that there are other smaller biotechs in the field like cycling, for example, they’ve also come up with pretty strong uh results for their clinical trials.

So broadly speaking, that $100 billion market will have many players, whether or not Pfizer can capture a significant portion of it remains to be seen.

And that’s why that wording will be so important.

What is the dosage and what is the potential weight loss from it?


And thank you very much.

You know, I could talk to you about this forever, but we have to thank you.

I appreciate it.

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