Donald Trump teases decision on vice-presidential candidate: “I’m pretty well set in my own mind”

Donald Trump opened up about choosing his running mate when he spoke to Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday (July 10). The former president teased that in “the next week or so I will announce” the decision. He also said he would “love to do it during the convention” next week.

Donald Trump teases decision on vice-presidential candidate (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)(AP)

Kilmeade rattled off names like JD Vance, Doug Burgum, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Tim Scott and asked Trump if any other names should be added to the list. “Yes, you can,” Trump replied. “I think I’m pretty set in my own mind. But, you know, you’ve got good people. And I’ve changed a little bit.”

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Trump went on to say that Burgum’s signing of one of the strictest abortion bans in the country is “a bit of a problem.” The ban only includes exceptions for rape and incest before the first six weeks of pregnancy.

That’s a pretty strong ban. I think Doug is great,” Trump said. “He’s taken a pretty strong stance — or the state has. I don’t know if it’s Doug but the state has. So that’s a question.”

Potential Complications Over Picking Marco Rubio

Trump acknowledged that if he were to pick Rubio, he could face complications with the 12th Amendment, which says both challengers “shall not be residents of the same state” to receive votes from Florida’s delegation. The Sunshine State notably has 30 electoral votes. Currently, both Rubio and Trump claim to be Florida residents.

“You do that and it makes it more complicated. There are people who don’t have that complication. Now it’s pretty easy to fix but you’ve got to do something with delegates or there’s got to be a walkout,” Trump said.

“So it’s not like picking some people where it’s very easy, where there’s none of that,” he added. “Taking delegates is a very risky thing to do.”

Trump went on to suggest that the questions about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities will not affect his decision on a vice president. “I don’t care if it’s him or anybody else,” Trump said of Biden as the Democratic nominee. “And these radical Democrats are all radicals. Everyone they’re talking about is radical left-wing lunatics.”

“And whether it’s Biden or whether it’s somebody else, I think it’s the same thing,” he added.

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