University of Toronto holds conference on Christine de Pizan

The University of Toronto will host a conference on Christine de Pizan: Publishing, Politics, and Reception in Premodern Europe. Running from August 21 to 23, it will feature nearly 20 speakers.

Some of the papers in this conference include:

  • Suzanne Conklin Akbari, “‘Tenir son peuple en paix: Rethinking Sovereignty and the Nation with Christine de Pizans Livre de Paix.”
  • Inès Villela-Petit, “Christine de Pizan and the First Readers of Her Manuscripts.”
  • Tania Van Hemelryck, “The Manuscript Tradition of Christine de Pizans The Book of Peace (Livre de Paix).”
  • Alison More, “Spiritual Influences: Ste Elizabeth of Hungary and Christine de Pizan.”
  • Mihoko Suzuki, “Christine & Machiavelli.”

Everyone is welcome to attend this in-person event, which will take place in both the Jackman Humanities Building and the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Click here for more information.

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