Semper Fly Helicopters and the University of Oklahoma School of Aviation choose the Cabri G2

Precision Support Services announced that Semper Fly Helicopters and the University of Oklahoma have selected the Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter for their new helicopter flight school.

The Cabri G2 offers cutting-edge technology and levels of security previously unavailable in the education sector.

“G2 not only meets, but exceeds, our rigorous standards, ensuring our students receive the best and safest training possible to prepare them for a successful career in aviation,” said Brandi Rector, a Navy veteran and owner of Semper Fly Helicopters.

“At Semper Fly, we believe that by investing in the best training aircraft, we are investing in the future of our students and the aviation industry as a whole.”

This fall, the Semper Fly Helicopter Flight School will begin operating in partnership with the University of Oklahoma School of Aviation.

Semper Fly’s owner, Ms. Rector, a former helicopter mechanic and door gunner in the Marines, earned his pilot’s license after leaving the military.

With extensive experience as both a military and civilian mechanic, flight instructor and operational pilot, and owner of two businesses – Skyhunter Outfitters and Semper Fly Helicopters – Rector is used to breaking barriers.

Her latest barrier broken: helping OU become the first Southeastern Conference university to have a helicopter flight school. Her next goal is to make Semper Fly Helicopter Flight School the premier school of its kind in the country.

“The cornerstone of our training philosophy is safety, efficiency and excellence,” she said. “When it came to selecting the aircraft that would best embody these values ​​and serve as the backbone of our program, the Cabri G2 emerged as the clear choice.

“Its versatility makes it an ideal trainer for a wide range of flight scenarios and provides an excellent platform for students to develop their skills from first flight to certification. The user-friendly design of the G2 promotes confidence in our students, which is vital when they transition from novice pilots to competent aviators who are ready to face and embrace the exciting challenges of a career in aviation.”

Precision, the US distributor for Guimbal, looks forward to working with the University of Oklahoma and Semper Fly as they train future helicopter pilots.

“Flight schools don’t just train future firefighters, EMS pilots or corporate officers; they train the next generation of aviators how to keep themselves and others safe in the air,” said Sarah Brazel, Precision Guimbal director.

“We owe them the best training in the safest machines possible. That’s why Precision is proud to represent Guimbal here in the U.S. We believe in their product, their platform, and in doing our best to support those who take tasked with educating the future of aviation.”

This press release was prepared and distributed by Precision Support Services.

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