Firemen’s Ball Paris 2024: Fête Nationale at the Dauphine Barracks in the 16th arrondissement

Among all the festivities organized to celebrate the Fête Nationale, the firemen’s ball is one of the evenings not to be missed. At the moment, the Dauphine fire station, located at 8 rue Mesnil, invites you to join us during the evening and night between July 13 and July 14, 2024.

The Bastille Day is celebrated on July 14 is one of the most anticipated events in France, and fireman’s ball takes a pride. Year 2024 Dauphine Fire Station in 16th arrondissement of Paris waiting Parisians and tourists for an exceptional evening. On the program: music, food and entertainment. Prepare your best dance moves!

The 5th and 29th fire companies meet at the Dauphine fire station. The firefighters welcome the public with food and drink stalls for a fun evening. This fireman’s ball is a great opportunity to meet and talk to them and learn more about their work environment. As the evening progresses, the fire station will give way to dancers of all kinds. The firemen are waiting for you on the dance floor, in honor Fête Nationale.

Paris Fire brigade ball is a tradition that dates back to 1937, when Sergeant Cournet organized the first ball at the Montmartre fire station to strengthen the ties between firefighters and local communities while raising money for the emergency services. Since then, the tradition has continued and become a long-awaited annual event.

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