Party mood as nation celebrates 75 years

Alysha Bibi

A special version of the Symphony of Lights over Victoria Harbor will be launched in October as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Yun-hung announced.

In the Legislative Council meeting yesterday, Yeung told lawmakers that events to celebrate National Day across the city were in the pipeline, as various agencies and departments worked closely to “promote patriotism and national pride.”

He said Chief Secretary for Administration Eric Chan Kwok-ki has instructed government departments to create a lively atmosphere for this year’s celebrations, hoping to enable people of all age groups and backgrounds to enjoy the festivities.

Museums under the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services will open to the public for free on Oct. 1, with special exhibits with national themes, as talks with mainland organizations to borrow exhibits are expected, according to Yeung.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum will hold a special exhibition at the end of September, showcasing around 110 valuable artifacts from the Neolithic period to the Xia Dynasty.

“The exhibition aims to illustrate the origin and development of Chinese civilization and increase visitors’ understanding of the remarkable achievements and united development with a diversity of Chinese civilization,” Yeung said.

At the same time, several public libraries will host thematic book screenings.

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra has also been invited to perform, which will feature the century-old traditional musical instrument bianzhong. The concert will include free pre-performance guided appreciation sessions and live demonstrations.

The Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival in Victoria Park later this year will also adopt a National Day theme, with primary and secondary schools invited to design eye-catching lanterns.

The public will also be invited to display traditional Chinese costumes at the catwalk shows organized by LCSD.

In addition to large-scale programs such as the National Day reception, flag-raising ceremony, performance gala and fireworks, the 18 district offices under the Ministry of the Interior will organize related events with local characteristics in each district, promoting “tourism is everywhere.”

Yeung has also urged the commercial sector and businesses to launch special offers and programs on October 1.

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