710 Oil Day sees patient care protest while dispensaries offer deals

Today is 710 Oil Day. A holiday for some, it offers opportunities for business, while activist group Sativa Cross seeks to infuse it with the meaning of patient care.

For most people who know it’s a holiday, it’s another reason to consume and celebrate the legalization of cannabis in general.

Many cannabis newbies and just canna-curious people probably don’t even know it’s a holiday.

Sativa Cross Medical Cannabis Advocacy

Sativa Cross has always been focused on advocating for medical cannabis patients. So, it’s been trying to infuse Oil Day with it for a while now. This year they took their traditional post on the lawn of the New Jersey State House as protesters and live streamed a show on Instagram which contained many activists.

In addition to spending the early afternoon at the State House, they then streamed from the upcoming Mad Hatter dispensary in Avenel in Woodbridge in central Jersey, which supports them.

“We’re trying to bring awareness to patients out there,” said Sativa Cross organizer Edward “Lefty” Grimes.

“In Texas, you go to jail for citations,” he noted.

Lefty also noted that they featured a medical cannabis patient in Nebraska who also had problems due to their strict laws.

He explained that they plan to feature activist activists from Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island as well.

Dispensary fun and offers

Being a holiday has been a reason to celebrate and offer deals.

So, some pharmacies there Awesome NJ has deals with featured Oil Day deals, such as Brute’s Roots in Egg Harbor Township in South Jersey and Scarlet Reserve Room Dispensary in Englishtown in Central Jersey.

Other cannabis dispensers, like the new ones Cream Dispensary in Jersey City, had similar offerings and celebrations.

What is the meaning of 710 Oil Day?

Like Charlie Brown at Christmasyou can spend a lot of time finding the meaning of Oil Day.

710 is “OIL” on an upside down calculator. It’s a new holiday, unlike the more traditional 4/20 cannabis holiday, which has been celebrated publicly for about 34 years. For example, 4/20 this year saw a number of large public celebrations across the state, while Blustery NJ could only cover a few.

Though, 710 Oil Day was just popular around 2011, depending on who you asked. Rapper Taskrok has claimed to have started the movement to popularize it. But it wasn’t until 2013 that the cannabis magazine High times and L.A. Weekly covered it. It was also the first year a 710 Oil Day Cup was held.

So, Oil Day is a cannabis holiday that started in western states where legalization of cannabis happened earlier.

Oil vs. dabbing Concentrates

Along with actual oil, Oil Day is associated with a range of different forms of cannabis concentrates, such as dab. Battery vape pens are also increasingly popular with their cannabis oil cartridges or carts. Although they are hard on the throat, they do not produce the distinctive smell that is a bad smell for drug lovers and an aroma for cannabis enthusiasts.

Most traditional cannabis users only smoked weed. Cannabis oil and bath concentrates are newer products manufactured in more professional legal labs that led to the creation of the holiday.

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