Politicians race to please their religious leader, and we await their prayers to solve our inflation…

Every party is a kind of political and social monster, but the most terrible of all is that which boasts of the blessing of the Church, which pretends not only real but also metaphysical power, said Prof. Dr. Tatjana Đurišić, President of the Council of the National Library “Njegoš” from Nikšić, at an event organized by that institution on the occasion of July 13, the National Day of Montenegro.

“The era when the joint rule of the party and the church, one or the other, would be achieved, regardless, would be the darkest era in the history of Montenegro, which really knows darkness very well,” Bečanović pointed out.

The “Njegoš” library organized a program to celebrate two dates from the history of Montenegro – July 13, 1878, when Montenegro received international recognition as an independent state at the Congress of Berlin, and July 13, 1941, when the national uprising began.

“There are rare occasions when the small and the weak deserve this prestigious function of the one that Europe looks up to, that is why July 13 is much more than a national holiday. We celebrate this great day, where the strength of the country that received international recognition for the first time flows, and the pride of being the first to stand up against fascism, therefore, July 13 celebrates the “golden freedom.” The gross instrumentalization of the idea of ​​independence and everything that was done in the name of the state caused opposition to Montenegro among many citizens, so they don’t recognize July 13 as their holiday,” Đurišić said.

As she pointed out, the homeland currently does not look like itself, but has taken on something “clownish, charlatan, and tries so sadly to turn into the twin sister of the neighboring landlocked kingdom, but stubbornly proves that it can withstand the hatred of all parties and the experience of all parties , as well as invasions by party cadres”.

“We all naively thought that the years of gross party violence were behind us. But, don’t lie down. The party has proven itself resistant to the change of government, to the passage of time, to all logical principles. And here it is again, sovereignly ruling the homeland, but it is the same blind party force and we must find words powerful enough to express the horror of the reality tailored to the party and stubbornly putting the state and all its institutions at its service, and the homeland tailored to the party will always speak with roar and anger and everyone will be afraid of it And there will be great pain in the populist people, because there are no more citizens in the homeland. And all the politicians are competing to please their religious leader. We await their prayers for to solve inflation and maybe save pensions from the crypto forms. But that’s why everything is so festive, so the award on July 13 in the hands of the priest looks good. news and a hint of the blessed future that awaits us”, Đurišić pointed out.

As she said, everything begins with dogma and its worshippers, and dogma is the greatest prophet of the human mind, which has taken the most lives.

“Since truths must not be questioned, they always lead to terror and the killing of non-believers. Let us beware of dogma, for it is the greatest enemy of the people,” she said.

The director of the library, Bojana Obradović, M.Sc., said that both July 13, as beacons of freedom, light the way for all past, present and future generations who proudly walk in the footsteps of their ancestors – heroes.

Obradovicphoto: Svetlana Mandić

“This heroic way of acting and thinking, which is part of our tradition, implies the Marcomilian obligation to protect oneself from the other, and especially the other from himself, and it also implies anti-fascism as a pattern of behavior that affirms all these human values ​​instilled in our people since time immemorial, aimed at the fight against fascism and fascist ideologies where the great mechanism of evil is contained in anti-fascism is based on Njegošev’s understanding of active resistance to evil as a human duty and destiny, so the verses say ‘. al’ on the neck of tyranny, it is a human duty the most sacred’, a guiding idea for many generations whose measure is an anti-fascist, civil and European society that respects everyone’s right to freedom”, said Obradović.

She pointed out that freedom is precious and sacred, that it is jealously guarded and valiantly defended, and that our forefathers showed that the decisive factor in the fight against the occupier is not a large and armed army, but something related to innate defiance. and refusal to submit.

“Mihailo Lalić spoke about this in an extraordinary way in the fourth book of the war tetralogy, where his narrator draws a parallel between 1942, where the partisans fought not only against the Italians but also against their domestic collaborators, and the period from 1916 to 1918 which was characterized by the communist struggle against the occupier, which was aided by domestic traitors, Obradović said.

As she pointed out, speaking on the occasion of July 13 is both an honor and a responsibility – because that struggle, which has always been a measure of patriotism and love of freedom for the Montenegrin people, is still ongoing.

“So we all have a duty to save the honor of our ancestors from being forgotten, to let their struggle be a regulator of our behavior and to cultivate anti-fascism as a response to nationalism, extremism and destructive forms of behavior that threaten civic values ​​and that have caused a lot of damage, not only to the Montenegrin people, but to the whole of humanity, says the director of the library.

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