Cooling with sump cooler

It’s been a brutally hot week, with another to come. I check the temperature first thing every morning hoping it will be back in the 60’s. I give my dog ​​Max as much time outside as I can before it gets hot. When I step onto the porch early in the morning, I notice that the smell is different. Maybe it’s the effect of the heat on the ground, i.e. the smell of dead grass slowly being baked into oblivion.

I think the sump cooler may need a new pump, as it should do a better job. However, it still held the temp at 85 when it was 117 outside; which was identical to AC before the power went out the other night. 32 degrees cooler than outside is better than the alternative. Since the AC is not connected to the transfer panel for the generator, the swamp cooler becomes my only source of cooling when the power goes out. When that power died, I wheeled the generator to the side of the house ASAP, and she started right up (love that fuel injection). Normally I wait a couple of hours to see if the power comes back on (which it often does), but the fridges won’t stay cold for long in this heat (especially the one in the garage), and the house was already too hot. The power came back on after a couple of hours, but I thought about leaving the generator outside. And I’m glad I did, because the next day, around the same time, the power went out for me and the same 588 other people who had lost it the day before.

I keep fooling around with the AC and sump cooler. I don’t think the pads get wet enough, so I’ll have to try a new pump. But I’ll let the experts check out the AC. But some days everything works fine. Hope is eternal with me, and I can honestly say that the occasional miracle happens.

Once Max and Kitty are locked inside for the day, their instincts seem to put them into suspended animation, knowing there will be nothing to do. Of course, this is much the same as it is every day. And I’m usually a participant. Max and I ventured outside our bar, for a cold Guinness and some Irish nachos (what else?). He loves these fries.

I have to check the animals for burrs and other sticky things when they come in. And the ground squirrels thrive. I’ve caught 16, and Kitty’s got six, but now they’re going into the dog and cat food in the garage. I need to upgrade my storage. In addition to their many burrows, the squirrels spend a lot of time in our Costa Rican rainforest outside. It is a target-rich environment for the cat. I’m sure I added four extra minutes to the sprinkler runs. I guess I could always catch a few more squirrels, but I’m getting sick of all that death. It’s just not good karma for me.

Gophers also thrive. The downhill on the back pasture looks like a prairie dog town. I rake the piles flat sometimes, so I don’t get annoyed staring out over the back forty. Where did that big gopher snake I rescued from the car go? Has he no sense of gratitude? All I know is that it’s hot outside. Who was that idiot in the paper that said we’re all used to the heat up here? Oh yes, it was me.

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