Mickoski from Washington: Gone are the days of corrupt politicians who would accept every humiliation put on the table

Prime Minister Christian Mickoski summed up yesterday’s NATO summit with a video message from Washington, which concluded with a gala dinner at the White House hosted by US President Joseph Biden and his wife Jill Biden.

– The Macedonian delegation is led by me and I can say that we spent a really dynamic day, filled with many meetings and meetings that we had on the sidelines of the NATO summit. Today we spoke with the Montenegrin Prime Minister, we spoke with the Croatian President, the Hungarian Prime Minister, here I would usually point out the meetings and the meetings with the Italian Prime Minister Meloni, with the Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez who was with me, I would say next to me at the dinner hosted by US President Biden, his wife Jill Biden. What I can also point out are the meetings with the neighbors, the Bulgarian and Albanian prime ministers, Mickoski said.

He repeated the messages he sent to allies of the Alliance, which refer to the fact that Macedonia will no longer be a hostage of the past, but a good and constructive neighbor:

– I can say that I sent several messages, the most important of which is that the region and Macedonia as a country were long held hostage by the past. We must focus on the future and what comes with the future. Let’s make Macedonia proud again, but also make the Balkans proud again. Let’s be good neighbors, understand each other and cooperate. That is what the citizens expect from us and that is what I, as prime minister, will focus on in the coming years, emphasized prime minister Mickoski.

Mickoski’s second message from Washington is about restoring the dignity of Macedonian politicians who, he says, will not accept more humiliation just to protect their crime.

– The second message I sent is that the time for bent backs has passed, the time for corrupt politicians coming from Macedonia and politicians who are ready to protect their corruption and criminality and do literally anything has passed. Signing everything, accepting every humiliation that will be offered to them on the table just to protect their crimes. That time is already history and gone. We need to speak as real partners, speak as neighbors, because partnership and good neighborliness is a two-way street and we want to cherish it and only see it that way. Once again I want to wish you a great Macedonia, we love you and are proud because we are really doing our best to recover the lost dignity that we unfortunately did not have in the last 7 years, not only here in Washington, but everywhere in the world for that we were not represented by politicians, which fortunately for the citizens is now a thing of the past – Mickoski said.

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