Zhang Lu will lead the Busan Film Festival’s Academy


Zhang Lu, the Chinese Korean director, has been appointed as the dean of the Chanel x BIFF Asian Film Academy, part of the Busan International Film Festival.

Zhang has been making feature films since 2004, when his “Tang Poetry” won acclaim at the Locarno and Vancouver festivals. He has since made titles such as “Grain in Ear” (2005), which won the New Currents Award in Busan, “Desert Dream” and recently “The Shadowless Tower”. He was also a professor at Yonsei University for eight years.

Indonesia’s Kamila Andini was announced as the academy’s director mentor, while Urata Hideho is set to film mentor.

The academy’s 20-day curriculum runs from 22 September to 11 October. The main festival runs from 2-11 October and the Asian Film Market (5-8 October).


“Old Fox,” Directed by Hsiao Ya-chuanwon five of the top prizes at Taipei Film Awards. Its haul included Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and Best Makeup and Costume Design.

The film is a drama about an 11-year-old boy who befriends his landlord and learns how to survive in a rapidly changing world including things his poor father would never share. It has won awards for many months, including four at the Golden Horse Film Awards last November.

“From island to island” was the biggest documentary winner. The film about war in Asia and told through eyewitness accounts, was directed by Lau Kek-huat. It won five awards including Best Feature Documentary and Best Director.

Ethan Juan won the best actor award for his lead role in the crime drama “The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon”. Audrey Lin won the best actress award for “Trouble Girl”. In addition, Lee Lee-zen and Chen Yi-han were awarded Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively.

The award for best short film went to “Reclaim My Summer” and best animation went to “Pigsy”.


Quebec-based Amuz distribution (formerly known as ComediHa! Distribution), has reached an agreement with India’s GoQuest Media which will have the pair working together on distribution.

Amuz titles include poly-disabled family drama series “About Antoine,” comedy series about real estate “Counterbid,” redemptive drama series “Larry” and mystery series”Valmont.”

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