Ishpeming delays city manager search, appoints interim city manager

ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) – Last Wednesday night, the Ishpeming City Council voted to table the city manager search to its next regular meeting.

The council fired former City Manager Craig Cugini at its June 27 meeting.

The council officially appointed Finance Director Grant Getschow as acting city manager but split his duties among two other city employees.

Ishpeming’s mayor says they’re splitting duties, but it’s not because of a lack of faith in the interim city manager.

“This is actually us who have confidence in our acting city manager to do the job he’s meant to do. He’s doing an interim reorganization to make sure nothing slips between the chairs. This is his recommendation to the city council, and we came unanimously agreed with him that this is how we are going to handle this,” said Ishpeming Mayor Jason Chapman.

After the meeting, Chapman also gave the official reason for Cugini’s firing.

“The former city manager was let go because of some issues with his performance, and there were a lot of underlying questions that went unanswered. It was just some misconduct in the office that was also going on recently that needed to be addressed, which included some retaliation,” Chapman said.

During the meeting, the council also interrupted a resident during her public comment period.

Order also had to be restored after several separate conversations took place while the meeting was in progress. Chapman spoke about the degradation of the interior.

“One of the things that we’ve traditionally done a good job of is keeping order and not having a lot of conversations going around the room like tonight. It was one of those situations that I have to do a better job as mayor to control, but we’re still trying to figure out this intermediate period as well,” Chapman said.

The next meeting of the Ishpeming City Council is scheduled for August 7.

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