Bishop calls on politicians to review the abortion decision

A pro-life poster is seen in front of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. Photo: CNS

Addressing the Irish Catholic at the Rally for Life in Dublin, Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan said politicians had opened the floodgates to abortion despite promising “repeatedly” that it would be “safe, legal and rare”.

“I would say two things about that. They’re not safe for the child and they’re certainly not rare. Have the courage to face reality and to come back to that decision. It’s over 10,000 now a year. This is a tragedy. It there is so much pain and suffering multiplied on women, on men, on the unborn themselves who are not given the chance to live. It is the first injustice that deprives someone of their right to life.”

He also challenged the media to publish the truth about abortion. “The number of abortions has increased by 250% since the floodgates opened on the first of January 2019 and it is not in any media outlet except for a few like The Irish Catholic and Gript etc. The main media outlets are not picking up the story. Someone must speak for the unborn. People are just kept in the dark.”

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