Controversial UFC Star Claims 9/11 Was Orchestrated; Think “White Rich Politicians Brought Them Towers Down”

This bizarre notion is believed by none other than Bryce Mitchell. The UFC star reveals the most intense revelation from when he was 16 years old. Thug Nasty thinks 9/11 was an inside job. The featherweight contender claims that it was the US government that orchestrated the tragic event.

Thug Nasty’s recent appearance on the PBD Podcast had him baring all. The featherweight contender has a history of not holding back on his conspiracy theories. This time it was the September 11 attacks in New York.

Bryce Mitchell believes 9/11 was an inside job

UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell is one of the most outspoken fighters on the roster. His love for conspiracy theories knows no bounds as Thug Nasty often goes on tirades about several topics considered sensitive.

Recently, Mitchell decided to give his thoughts on the deadly terrorist attack that took place in September 2001. The featherweight contender fully believes in his theory about the brutal 9/11 attack.

On the PBD Podcast, Bryce Mitchell was asked about what his character was like in high school. Thug Nasty, a devout Christian, said Jesus Christ was his greatest revelation. But things took a turn when he mentioned another insight he had.

“I knew when I was sixteen that our government orchestrated 9/11,” said Bryce Mitchell. It is widely accepted that it was a terrorist organization that attacked the twin towers in America. However, Thug Nasty thinks otherwise.

Referring to them as “white rich politicians”, Mitchell believes that the US government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Bryce calls himself an authoritative source when it comes to said theories. “(The US government) brought them towers down,” Thug Nasty said.

Although there is no substantial evidence regarding the theory, Bryce Mitchell claims to know what happened. The featherweight contender is far from the first to believe this conspiracy as there is a plethora of speculation surrounding the infamous incident.

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Why does Bryce Mitchell prefer to homeschool his son?

The UFC featherweight contender once claimed that he will not send his son to public schools. He revealed that his children will be homeschooled. The reason behind this is another bizarre conspiracy theory.

“We’re going to have to homeschool our kids or they’re all going to be gay,” Mitchell said as he held his son Tucker in his hand. He thought his son would come out as gay in the context of a public school.

He also believes that his son Tucker would have communist ideologies if not for home schooling. Bryce Mitchell wants his children to read the Bible instead of the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Mitchell also advises against vaccination for infants. He believes the vaccines will make his son autistic. He claims he fought hospital officials to prevent Tucker from being vaccinated.

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