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Sentinel photo by SIERRA BOLGER
Lewistown Borough Council hears a presentation regarding improvements to the Rec Park pool.

LEWISTOWN – Lewistown Borough Council members on Wednesday discussed infrastructure projects among other agenda items at their monthly meeting at the local municipal building.

City Manager Kim Zimmerman spoke about the progress of a wastewater treatment plant project. The EADS Group, a company specializing in municipal engineering and many other related services such as surveying/mapping, shared positive progress in the repair and cleaning of digester No. 1 at the wastewater treatment plant.

This digester received emptying, cleaning and repair services in the current phase of the repair project. The $1 million loan used to support this project was by no means exhausted. The remaining money from the loan will be used to clean up as much as possible, if not all of the other digesters used to clean the water in the sewage treatment plant.

Zimmerman added that EADS and the borough will conduct smoke testing of the sanitary sewer system from July 15-17. According to information posted on the borough’s Facebook account, the tested lines are located in the following locations: West Fourth Street, West Fifth Street, West Sixth Street and surrounding areas from South Wayne Street west to Howard Avenue.

Residents who see smoke coming out of vents or storm drains should not panic. Anyone who lives in a home in the test area and has smoke entering the home through a drain should simply run water down the affected drain. Questions can be asked at the municipal office.

The city manager then shared that Lewistown’s municipal building will close at noon on Friday for the city’s Employee Appreciation Day.

He also talked about debris removal from Kishacoquillas Creek, upcoming cost estimates for working with PennDOT, a police car bid and more with updates coming later in the summer.

Otherwise also applies to members:

• Approved the $80,000 repair and cleanup work on digester #1 previously mentioned.

• Approved sliplining, a pipe rehabilitation technique, the pipelines on Center Street in the amount of $21,886.85.

• Approved an expanded handicapped parking space at 7 Chestnut Street for payment of $25.

•Approve an $11,445 grant for a wireless router to improve technical communications from Lewistown Police Department vehicles.

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