Acting Dublin Mayor McCorriston confirms that he is running for City Council this autumn

Michael McCorriston is running for Dublin City Council District 1 in the November 2024 election. (Photo courtesy of Michael McCorriston)

Dublin Mayor Michael McCorriston has announced his plans to run for a second term in a regular seat on the city council in November rather than running for the top seat on the platform he was appointed to on an interim basis last month following the resignation of his predecessor.

McCorriston reaffirmed the promise he made during the council meeting when he was voted mayor by his peers on the night of June 4, telling Pleasanton Weekly that he is passing on a mayoral race that already has two incumbent council members as candidates and is instead seeking election to City Council District 1 this fall was the right thing to do for the city and his campaign goals.

“We must maintain a functioning council during a stressful and very challenging election year,” McCorriston said in an email interview after his July 1 campaign announcement. “My primary responsibility as mayor is to ensure that the council remains united and focused on the important work we have in the coming months.”

“It is imperative that I instill confidence and commitment in my colleagues and city staff. These character traits have been very important to me throughout my professional career,” he added. “Ultimately, there is an appropriate time and place for my next steps in public service. In addition, the two candidates are aware of my current intentions to run for mayor in 2026.”

McCorriston, a financial professional and married father of two with only city service experience as an alternate on the Human Services Commission at the time, was elected to an at-large term on City Council in November 2020. With Dublin’s subsequent conversion to district-based elections, he is running for West District 1 in the general the election on November 5.

Many of his priorities remain the same today as they did for this first campaign four years ago, McCorriston said, listing public safety, support for local businesses, transportation infrastructure and the city’s growth and development strategy among his top goals for a new term.

“Our diverse city continues to grow along with its needs for services and infrastructure. There will be some tough budget decisions over the next few years,” McCorriston said in his campaign press release. “As a council member, I will use my leadership experience to ensure that the City’s resources support necessary infrastructure requirements, while maintaining sound fiscal strategies.”

“Development efforts must be economically and environmentally sustainable, and of course thoughtful from an aesthetic perspective,” he added. “We can preserve our remaining natural landscapes and emphasize open spaces for our community to enjoy with intelligent development planning. As a councilor I will encourage redevelopment efforts that work with developers and local skilled labor to revitalize existing structures to meet Dublin’s residential and commercial requirements .”

McCorriston also pointed to the importance of creating more workforce housing and focusing on better services for local seniors.

“The decisions we make today are the legacy for future generations of Dublin families. Let’s work together to maintain Dublin’s unique heritage in the Tri-Valley,” he said.

McCorriston, whose prominence in the city will be boosted for the rest of the year with his appointment as mayor after Melissa Hernandez resigned to join the BART board, is the only candidate to publicly declare for the District 1 council race so far. Incumbent council members Sherry Hu and Jean Josey have each indicated their intention to run for mayor this fall.

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