Santa Fe City Council Delays Median Ordinance Decision After Power Outage

SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) – After delaying a controversial median ordinance three times, the Santa Fe City Council was set to make a final decision on the matter Wednesday. However, an unexpected power cut in the town hall led to another postponement.

The ordinance, introduced by Mayor Alan Webber, seeks to prohibit individuals from sitting, standing or lying down on medians that are less than 36 inches wide. Although the ordinance does not specifically mention the homeless or panhandlers, it is expected to affect those who use the medians to panhandle.

The proposal has met with great opposition. During Wednesday’s meeting, which was interrupted by the power outage, some community members spoke against the ordinance. One resident questioned the necessity of the ordinance, arguing that the city had not provided any data showing that people in the median cause or experience injuries or deaths. The resident noted that injuries and deaths are more commonly associated with pedestrians crossing busy streets outside of crosswalks.

A similar ordinance has already been passed in Albuquerque, and Santa Fe’s proposed ordinance would impose a $25 fine on violators.

The rescheduled meeting to decide on the ordinance will take place next Wednesday at 5 p.m

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