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A visitor shades himself from the sun with an umbrella while others look at their smartphones in Seoul, South Korea, on Wednesday. Associated Press



The extreme heat wave continues

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas baked its fifth consecutive record-breaking day of temperatures of 115 degrees Fahrenheit or higher on Wednesday amid an extended heatwave expected to sweep much of the United States into the weekend.

The temperature climbed to 115 just after 1 p.m. at Harry Reid International Airport, breaking the old mark of four consecutive days set in July 2005. And the record could be extended, or even doubled, this weekend.

Even by desert standards, the prolonged baking experienced by Nevada’s largest city is almost unprecedented, with forecasters calling it “the most extreme heat wave” since the National Weather Service began keeping records in Las Vegas in 1937.

District of Columbia

Ukraine on the way to NATO membership

WASHINGTON – The 32 members of NATO formally declared on Wednesday that Ukraine is on an “irreversible” path to membership in the Western military alliance, offering a bare but more binding guarantee of protection once the war with Russia ends.

NATO member states individually and in Wednesday’s joint statement from their summit in Washington announced a series of steps aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s defenses. That includes the United States, the Netherlands and Denmark announcing that the first NATO-supplied F-16s would be in the hands of Ukrainian military pilots by the summer.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tweeted his appreciation of efforts to strengthen its air force, shortly after Ukraine saw one of the deadliest strikes of the war.



Nation to build train lines to the border

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s massive, debt-fueled passenger rail construction program will not end with the administration of outgoing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but instead will double, he said Wednesday.

López Obrador said his successor, President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum, plans to build three passenger train lines running from the capital to some cities on the US border. López Obrador and Sheinbaum agree that she will build about 1,850 miles of passenger rail, double what he built.

Sheinbaum said the trains would be electric and run at speeds of up to 100 mph. Almost all of Mexico’s current freight trains run on diesel.

El Salvador

At least 261 dead in prison strikes

SAN SALVADOR — Human rights group Cristosal said Wednesday that at least 261 people have died in prisons in El Salvador during President Nayib Bukele’s 2.5-year crackdown on street gangs.

Under a state of emergency originally declared in 2022 and still in place, Bukele’s government has rounded up 81,110 suspected gang members in sweeps that rights groups say are often arbitrary, based on a person’s appearance or where they live. The government has had to release around 7,000 people due to a lack of evidence.

The group said in a report that as of April 15, 88 of the 261 deaths “may have been the result of a criminal act,” although it did not specify what those acts might have been.

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