UPDATE: Teenager arrested after police chase through town

A 19-year-old Marblehead man faces more than a dozen charges — including assault with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle), hit and run and damage to property, failure to stop for a police officer and intimidation of a witness — after driving “high speed ” around town and fail to stop for the police.

Police were first called to a residence for a disturbance on June 9 around 3 p.m. When officers arrived, the suspect had already fled in a vehicle.

“Within minutes, multiple responding officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the operator refused to stop and drove at high speeds throughout the city and neighboring jurisdictions,” according to a statement from Marblehead Police.

The suspect “was operating recklessly throughout the city before he was arrested at another residence,” Police Chief Dennis King told Current.

“The responding officers maintained their distance from the vehicle and reasonable speeds in an effort to follow and monitor it and ultimately come up with a plan to stop it,” King added. “The responsible officer must evaluate the risk to public safety when engaging in a vehicle pursuit. That assessment was ongoing in this event.”

No one was injured during the incident. “I would like to acknowledge the work of all the officers and dispatchers involved in handling the work of this call,” King said. “They did a commendable and extraordinary job and put themselves in harm’s way.”

Editor Leigh Blander is an experienced TV, radio and print journalist.

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