Afghanistan Calendar 2025 – Full List of Holidays and Celebrations: Dates and Celebrations

Explore Afghanistan’s 2025 calendar of national holidays and festivals. KnowInsiders helps you learn more about the meaning, history and celebration of the year.

Overview of public holidays and public holidays in Afghani 2025

Officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghanistan is a nation in South Central Asia. China, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan around the country. With an area of ​​652,230 square kilometers, Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan.

Mostly Islamic celebrations including Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and others, the most important holidays in Afghanistan are. Knowing the dates of Afghanistan’s public holidays will help you plan your trip to that country.

Afghanistan has national and religious holidays among public holidays. Most businesses close for holidays and staff value paid time off.

Afghanistan celebrates eleven national holidays today. Four of these holidays have set dates each year; all other holidays observed in Afghanistan are observed on lunar cycle based dates.

Article 18 Chapter 1 of the 2005 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan regulates public holidays. The constitution gives every employee a day off work every day the government declares a public holiday. The legislation also gives the government the power to designate public holidays or one-off memorial days.

This chapter of the constitution also specifies which calendar the nation formally uses and bases the dates of public holidays on it. The Hejrah-e shamshi calendar is the official one (very similar to the Persian calendar used in Iran).

Many of Afghanistan’s public holidays are multi-day events. The government has decided that companies must recognize each of these days and offer a day off.

Public Holidays and Celebrations in Afghanistan 2025: Dates and Celebrations

Night of childbirth, February 13

The night of childbirth

On February 13, Night of Redemption takes place. This event always takes place in the second half of February.

Muslims celebrate Redemption Night (Baraat) two weeks before Ramadan begins. This is the night when God traditionally blesses those who pray.

Baraat in Arabic means “not being attached”, “complete separation” or “purification”.

Muslims usually stay awake, read the Koran and pray on the night of Baraat.

independence day, 15 Feb

In Afghanistan, this day is a public holiday every February 15. On this day, November 15, 1989, Soviet troops left Afghanistan. It is a public holiday to commemorate that day.

Nowrooz, March 20

Today is also known as Farmer’s Day. It’s a party for two weeks. This celebration was not allowed in Afghanistan when the Taliban were in charge because they saw it as a pagan practice.

Ramadan on March 23

Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, which is also called Ramazan in Afghanistan. In the Islamic calendar, it is the ninth month, which is a time of prayer, forgiveness and devotion.

It is called Ramadan in Arabic. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Since Islamic and Gregorian years are not the same length, the Gregorian calendar moves the start of Ramadan forward by about 11 days each year.

It is one of the most important months in Islam. It is also one of the five pillars of Islam. These are the five rules that Muslims believe must be followed because God told them to. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan.

Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad received some of the first verses of the Qur’an during the month of Ramadan. There are many people who follow Islam. At this time reading the Quran is given extra importance.

Eid al-Fitr, 21 – 23 April

For Muslims, Eid al-Fitr is a holiday that is about breaking the fast. Today is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal, and for Muslims it marks the end of their month-long fast during Ramadan.

Mujahideen Victory Day, April 28

In Afghanistan, April 28 is Mujahideen Victory Day, which is a political holiday. It was the day in 1992 when the Mujahideen rebels drove out the communist government.

Labor Day, May 1

On May 1, people around the world remember the work of the International Labor Movement on Labor Day. It honors workers and people who work.

Arafat’s Day, June 27

Afghanistan also has a public holiday called Arafat’s Day, which is a day to remember all its people. Most businesses and schools are closed on this day. If you are going to Hajj, today is Arafat Day. The next day is Eid al-Adha, which is a very important Islamic holiday.

Eid Al-Adha, 28 – 30 June

In Afghanistan, the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha is also celebrated. It is the bigger “Eid”, and Muslims celebrate it by going to prayers and seeing family.

Ashura, July 28

When looking at the Islamic calendar, the first month is marked on Yom Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram. People remember Husayn ibn Ali, who was killed in the Battle of Karbala. He was the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Independence Day on August 19

Independence Day in Afghanistan

Independence Day is celebrated every year on August 19, which is also a national holiday in Afghanistan.

Today is Afghanistan’s National Day, and it’s the day the country got rid of British rule in 1919.

On Independence Day, there were speeches and military displays in Kabul, the capital. Due to the holiday, the colors of the Afghan flag can be seen all over the capital.

Baloch-Pakhtun Unity Day, 31 August

August 31 is Baloch-Pakhtun Unity Day. Baloch and Pashtun, celebrating around the world. This event always takes place in the third decade of August.

Baloch-Pashtun Unity Day is an international holiday celebrated by the Baloch and Pashtun people to show their brotherhood and unity with each other. It has been a holiday since 1949. On August 31, 2015, most celebrations took place in Kabul, Afghanistan. Baloch leaders who want Balochistan to separate from Pakistan were also invited.

Public holiday in Afghanistan on 31 August

In the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, August 31 is a holiday every year.

At midnight on August 31, 2022, the last US troops were withdrawn from the longest war in US history. The war began after the September 11 attacks in New York.

More than half of the people who died in the conflict were civilians or Afghan soldiers. But it was the deaths of 2,461 American servicemen that the American people could not stand.

More than 3,500 soldiers from other NATO countries also died.

Martyrs’ Day and Ahmad Shah Masoud Day on September 9

On September 9, Afghanistan celebrates Martyrs’ Day and Ahmad Shah Masoud Day. This event always takes place during the first ten days of September.

Afghanistan’s National Assembly made Martyrs’ Day, also known as Masood Day, a national holiday in 2012. The purpose is to honor the country’s national hero Ahmad Shah Masood and those who died fighting for the country. He was a warlord from the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan named Ahmad Shah Masood. He was responsible for the Taliban and the fight against the Soviet invasion. He died on September 9, 2001 in a terrorist attack. This holiday is also called Masood Day and Haftai Shahid, which means “Week of Martyrs”.

People in Afghanistan tend to put their family’s needs before their own because the culture is very group oriented. Taking responsibility for your family is usually more important than your own needs. Most of the time, family loyalty is stronger than loyalty to one’s tribe or ethnicity.

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday on September 27

The birth of the Prophet Muhammad is observed by Muslims on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal.’

Yalda Night, December 21

Yalda night

A Persian holiday called Yalda Night (ظب ولدا Shab-e Yalda, Shab-e Chelle) is held on the longest and darkest night of the year. Held in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

December 21 is Yalda Night. A Persian festival called Shab-e Yalda or Shab-e Chelle is held on the longest and darkest night of the year. Had a party in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran. This event always takes place in the third decade of December.

People in Iran and other places with a Persian history, such as Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, celebrate the festival.

In ancient Iran, “Yalda Night” was one of the holy nights. It was entered into the official calendar from the reign of Darius I in 502 BC. The night’s celebration has been going on for a very long time.

In Iran, Yaldā Night is a celebration of the winter solstice that takes place on the “longest and darkest night of the year”. A Gregorian calendar says this is the night between December 20/21 (±1), and an Iranian solar calendar says it is the night between the last day of the ninth month (Azar) and the first day of the tenth month (Dey) .

Complete list of public holidays and public holidays in Afghanistan 2025

Afghanistan calendar 2025 with holidays/festivities




15 Feb


independence day


March 1


First day of Ramadan (tentative date)


March 20


March equinox


21 March




March 31


Eid al-Fitr (tentative date)


Apr. 1


Eid al-Fitr holiday (tentative date)


Apr. 2


Eid al-Fitr holiday (tentative date)


April 28


Afghan Victory Day


May 1


Working day


6th June


Arafat Day (tentative date)


7 June


Eid al-Qurban (tentative date)


June 8


Eid al-Qurban holiday (tentative date)


June 9


Eid al-Qurban holiday (tentative date)


21 June


June solstice


July 6


Ashura (tentative date)


Aug 19


Independence Day (National Day)


Aug. 31


The anniversary of the withdrawal of foreign troops


Sep 5


Prophet’s birthday (tentative date)


9 Sep


Martyrs and Ahmad Shah Masoud Day


Sep 22


September equinox


Dec. 21


December solstice


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