University of Nebraska opens new Feedlot Innovation Center


University of Nebraska opens new Feedlot Innovation Center

A new facility housed at the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center (ENREEC) aims to help commercial feedlots test and develop new technologies.

Director Doug Zalesky says the Klosterman Feedlot Innovation Center has four different livestock rearing systems.

“We can compare these different stall systems in terms of looking at performance and cattle comfort and health,” he says.

He tells Brownfield that the $7.2 million facility includes outdoor and covered pens, with different floor mechanisms.

“We will look at feet and legs, the comfort of the animals, how it affects them,” he says. “The same is true for roller compacted concrete.”

The center has a feed technology building where Zalesky says individual animal data collection can take place.

“And (we) can control when animals eat, where they eat, how much they eat, how long they eat and look at different rations,” he says. “We can control many of them with this feeding system.”

The center also includes a livestock handling facility with an enclosed classroom where livestock movements can be observed.

Zalesky says they hope to move cattle to the new facility near Mead within the next month.

Photo credit: Craig Chandler

AUDIO: Doug Zalesky, University of Nebraska

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