Letitia Wright Reacts to Daily Wire Collaborating on ‘Sound of Hope’

Letitia Wright distances herself from Daily Wire after the right-wing media company partnered with Angel Studios to distribute her new faith-based film Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot.

Wright, who is best known for starring in Marvel’s Black Panther films and who served as executive producer on Sound of Hopesaid i a statement posted on social media over the weekend that she had no say in the work of the company founded by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro.

“To be clear, after we completed production on this film, Angel Studios was brought on board to handle distribution and they later partnered with The Daily Wire,” Wright wrote. “It was not my decision, and I was not updated or made aware of this decision. I am in no way affiliated or affiliated with The Daily Wire. I am grateful to anyone who positively wants to champion this film and campaign .to serve children. But I don’t accept using this beautiful film for divisive purposes. That’s not why I joined the project.

Letitia Wright.

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Released July 4, Sound of Hope tells the story of the East Texas town of Possum Trot and Bishop WC Martin and Donna Martin, who led an effort with families from their church to adopt 77 children stuck in the foster care system. Wright emphasized that it was this message that drew her to the project.

“We have created a beautiful film that gives a voice to vulnerable children, with the hope that families across the country and the world, regardless of faith, race or diversity, would come together to help children, to be moved to make a difference in how they can,” she wrote. “That’s why it’s a shame to see small pockets of online discourse take a divisive political turn. This story isn’t about politics, it’s about children. It’s about sacrificial love for children who have experienced unimaginable horrors and how grassroots communities — like the community of Possum Trot — can help provide the safe, loving homes they so desperately need. Any talk that detracts from that is unnecessary and harmful.

Angel Studios, which previously produced the faith-based thriller Sound of Freedomacquired Sound of Hope from Peacetree Productions, who had partnered with Wright to make the film. Angel then announced a partnership with Daily Wire to release Sound of Hope at the theater.

Jordan Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, said in a statement Entertainment Weekly“This powerful film takes a stand for vulnerable children, and we are looking for partners who are passionate about this fight. Angel Studios is grateful for the partnership of both Letitia and the Daily Wire to bring this story to the world, and we encourage all concerned about foster care – and the adoption crisis to get involved and see Sound of Hope.”

In a separate statement to EW, Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing rejected Wright’s denial of the company’s involvement in the film and blasted “the intolerance of the modern left.”

“Letitia and I probably don’t share the same politics,” he added, “but I think we share a Christian faith and, more importantly, the same goal of highlighting something we can all agree on – a community coming together to help children in distress We hope people don’t let this distraction steal away from the film and the impact it can have.Everyone should watch this film and join the fight for the children.

“Sound Of Hope: The Story Of Possum Trot”.

Angel Studios/ Youtube

This is not the first time Wright has found himself at the center of controversy. In 2020, she came under fire after sharing a video questioning the safety of covid-19 vaccines. Initially, in response to critics, Wright tweeted: “If you don’t subscribe to popular opinion. but ask questions and think for yourself … you get unbooked.”

She later deleted the post on social media and issued a subsequent statement saying, “My intention was not to hurt anyone, my ONLY intention in posting the video was that it raised my concerns about what the vaccine contains and what we put into our bodies. Nothing else.”

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In her statement promote Sound of Hope despite his connections to the Daily Wire, Wright concluded: “Despite all of this, I stand firm in the belief that this film will rise above the discourse to speak for itself, and I encourage audiences everywhere to be inspired and witness the incredible true story of how a small church community changed the lives of 77 young children in Texas and became part of the movement to change the lives of children across America and the world.”

The film benefits from Angel Studios’ “pay it forward” model at the box office, which encourages audiences to buy tickets that others can pick up for free.

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