Mayville State University partners with Dickinson State University on Border to Border Education Consortium – Grand Forks Herald

MAYVILLE, ND – Mayville State University (MSU) and Dickinson State University (DSU) have formed a partnership to enhance educational resources and opportunities throughout the state, a news release said.

The partnership, called the Border to Border Education Consortium, will focus on math and chemistry education as its first programs, followed by music education.

“Our partnership will allow us to better serve our students and communities,” said Brian Huschle, MSU’s vice president for academic affairs. “Together, we can develop robust educational programs that meet the growing needs of our region.”

The partnership’s goal is to meet the region’s need for academic and teacher preparation through joint programs between the two universities, the press release states. The programs will be in specified areas and related academic disciplines. MSU and DSU will begin enrolling students in the introductory math program for the upcoming school year and plans for chemistry education. More details about what the programs offer, as well as registration procedures, will be announced in the coming months, the release said.

“We are creating pathways for students to excel in more academic fields at a time when we need more teachers,” said Joan Aus, dean of the DSU School of Education.

Holly Gruhkle, DSU Vice President, added, “By pooling our resources and expertise, we can offer programs that are both comprehensive and innovative. The collaboration between our institutions will lead to a richer educational experience for our students.”

The partnership requires both campuses to use the North Dakota University System’s mandated Collaborative Student Registration process, and both institutions will be dedicated to following state and national accreditation guidelines, the release said. The nature of the partnership will not only focus on education, but also community, said Kelli Odden, dean and department chair for education at MSU.

“This partnership not only enhances our academic offerings, but it also fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose between our universities,” she said. “We are committed to nurturing the next generation of educators and look forward to the positive results this collaboration will bring.”

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