Rewriting the rules on how social housing is distributed locally

Our views are sought on changes designed to help people when they are most vulnerable

Changes are being proposed to how social housing will be distributed in the Cherwell District in the future.

When people apply for somewhere to live, they are assigned a priority level based on their unique circumstances.

Cherwell District Council is proposing changes to better support survivors of domestic abuse, the armed forces and people in temporary accommodation.

Councilor Chris Pruden, portfolio holder for housing, said: “Everyone deserves a safe and secure roof over their heads. With a shortage of social housing, it is all the more important that we keep our policy up to date and allocate accommodation to best meet residents’ needs when they are as the most vulnerable.”

The changes to the criteria would also raise the financial cap for people applying to the housing register to reflect the cost of living crisis and improve how the council prioritizes people in overcrowded housing.

There are also policy changes to give more clarity and consistency to people about government refugee resettlement schemes, and revised criteria for homes to be built in the south of the district under the council’s commitment to help address Oxford’s unmet housing needs.

Councilor Chris Pruden added: “We want the public to have their say on these important changes to how we manage social housing in North Oxfordshire.”

The council’s board approved the draft policy for public consultation on Monday with people able to have their say later this month.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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