Hiawatha Music Co-op is looking for festival volunteers

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WZMQ) – The Hiawatha Music Co-op is holding its 44th annual Hiawatha Music Festival July 19 – 21 at Tourist Park in Marquette.

The three-day festival will feature 10 different folk groups of different folk styles from country to Mongolian throat singing.

According to organizers, the festival takes over 600 volunteers to keep it running smoothly, and they’re still looking to fill openings.

“Just try it,” said Hiawatha Music Co-op’s content manager, Sarah Gimple. “And you know there’s a lot of little tasks that we have our volunteers do that are very low maintenance just to kind of dip your toes in. It’s really just a great time and you can just meet new people and have new musical experiences and art experiences.”

More information about Hiawatha Music Festival, Ticketsand volunteer opportunities are available Hiawatha Music Co-op website.

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