Blacksburg Town Council Approves Redevelopment of New Town Hall

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) – The currently vacant land that was once the old Blacksburg High School will soon be transformed into 73 new townhouses.

However, that is fewer than the original proposal of 100 homes, which councilor Liam Watson believes will make the new town homes more expensive.

“My understanding is that the starting price will be something in the neighborhood of $600-$650,000 per townhome. Whereas we were previously listed at about $300,000 or $400,000,” Watson said.

He also said it won’t reduce the city’s need for more affordable housing for students and working residents.

“My concern is that these are just going to be more football weekends for people with money who live out of town and our VT alumni. We’re happy to have them back, but I’d much rather use this opportunity to kind of reduce the need that we have in our community, says Watson.

Other councilors who voted in favor of the townhouses said the plan will address the housing shortage for all groups, including the elderly.

“We obviously have a housing shortage, but we have a housing shortage of all kinds. The idea of ​​having units that have a bed and a bath on the main floor that are ADA accessible, we have so many people looking for housing that want to downsize,” said Lauren Colliver, another member of the City Council.

City council members say the track, pickleball fields and baseball fields located in front of the old Blacksburg High School property will not be affected at this time.

Due to expensive construction costs, there is no set date for when construction will begin.

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