Manchester University professor competes on Jeopardy

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. (WPTA) – A Manchester University professor competed on Jeopardy Tuesday.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Kathy Davis did not win but said participating in the show was “a joyous experience from start to finish.”

Davis correctly answered the first question of the game and finished the first round in second place with $3,800. After Final Jeopardy, in the “Literature” category, Davis finished the game with $2,000.

The professor, who joined the university’s faculty in 2010, said she has been a fan of the show since she was a child.

“In kindergarten, I renegotiated my bedtime with my parents so I could stay up until the very late hour of 8 p.m. to watch,” Davis said. “Family and friends encouraged me to try for years, but I always came up with some kind of excuse.”

“But the longer I’ve worked with students and as I raise my own children, I’ve begun to notice how often I tell them not to shut themselves off from experiences because they’re afraid of failure, and how rarely I follow my own advice .”

David said she appreciated the experience.

“It means a lot to be a part of the show’s history and to have the opportunity to work with Ken Jennings and the production team, who are all gracious people who obviously love what they do,” Davis said. “It was great to meet the other contestants and for all of us to fulfill this dream together.”

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