Breaking down the case as the jury begins deliberations in Samantha Woll’s murder trial

DETROIT – What questions do you have before the month-long trial against Michael Jackson-Bolanos?

The 29-year-old man faces life in prison after being accused of brutally stabbing Detroit Synagogue President Samantha Woll.

A look at the trial

Here is a quick summary of some of the mountains of evidence presented in this trial.

Why Wayne County prosecutors say Jackson-Bolanos is the killer:

  • He was in the area when Woll was murdered.

  • He was committing crimes, theft from cars at the time of the murder.

  • He was in Woll’s parking lot before the murder.

  • Video and cell data track him into Lafayette Park and out of that area back downtown.

  • He put on blue gloves on his way into Woll’s area, he came out with only one glove.

  • Video shows him checking the sleeve (drops of blood) and then running instead of walking.

  • Woll’s blood was found on his washed jacket.

  • The defendant himself says that Woll’s blood was on his hands because he found her body and touched her.

  • He lied more than 40 times to the police about just one question.

  • He admits that he was in the area, that he lied, that he lies and admits that he is a petty thief.

What Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Elsey couldn’t show the jury:

  • He has no evidence of what happened inside Woll’s town hall where the attack took place.

  • He told the jury to use common sense that all signs point to Jackson-Bolanos, but presented no evidence that Jackson-Bolanos actually stabbed Woll.

Jackson-Bolano’s defense presented by defense attorney Brian Brown:

  • There is no evidence that Jackson-Bolanos entered Woll’s City Hall.

  • Woll’s ex-boyfriend, Jeffery Herbstman, “confessed” to the murder, but was granted immunity to testify after being cleared of all wrongdoing.

  • Brown says police did not investigate Herbstman or his home, drugs, bike, fireplace at all, a massive failure to investigate by MSP, FBI, DPD.

  • This was a crime of passion, no reason for a petty thief to hack Woll to death the way she was killed.

How would you vote?

What questions do you have?

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