The municipal council approves the new development of six apartments

BRISTOL, Va. – More new housing options got the go-ahead from the Bristol Virginia City Council, which approved a special waiver request.

The council voted 5-0 on Tuesday to approve a request by Michael and Ashley Cooper to build six apartments on an Albert Lane site with B-3 public services.

The vacant parcel is near Bristol View Drive where 29 multi-family housing units are being built.

“There are already several apartment buildings there so to me it goes hand in hand with what is already there, and we desperately need housing in this city. They are beautiful plans so I think having them available will draw in more residents. I love the idea and style of these places,” Mayor Becky Nave said after the regular council meeting.

The City Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the project during its most recent meeting, according to Jay Detrick, the city’s director of community development and planning.

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“With the housing issues facing Bristol Virginia, I think projects like these need to be pushed forward whether they are zoned residential or have to use the special use permit process,” Detrick told the council.

During the discussion, Nave and other council members thanked the developers for their investment in the city.

“Every time someone comes through the door – builder, contractor, developer – and they’re going to spend millions of dollars on a project – the fact that they choose Bristol Virginia, we just appreciate them and hope they have a good experience working with us ​​everyone and we will continue to see progress in Bristol Virginia, says municipal councilor Anthony Farnum.

Councilor Neal Osborne also addressed the current housing shortage.

“We have a goal to grow our population. I think people are looking for places in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia for places to move and it’s important that we have these types of options,” Osborne said.

Councilman Michael Pollard called the project a “good idea to do it there,” given the existing multi-family housing nearby.

In other business, the council approved a cost-sharing agreement with Bristol, Tennessee for a “safe streets” planning grant from the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

Working with the Bristol Metropolitan Planning Organization, the cities intend to develop a comprehensive safety action plan — for both motorists and pedestrians — for the region, Detrick said. Once the plan is complete, the two cities will be able to apply for future implementation grants in future grant cycles.

The grant requests $37,500 in local funds. $7,500 will come from the MPO and each city will contribute $15,000.

The match in Bristol, Virginia is included in the 2024-2025 budget.

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