Latest Politics: ‘Elephant in the room’ at Starmer’s first NATO summit – as allies emphasize support for Ukraine | Politics news

We’ve heard a little more from Downing Street about the Prime Minister’s plan to give Joe Biden a little present later.

The pair have already met at the NATO summit in Washington, but will hold more formal talks at the White House later.

We previously reported that Sir Keir Starmer was to present the US President with his own personalized Arsenal shirt – the Premier League team the Prime Minister supports.

We now know it will be emblazoned with Mr Biden’s surname and 46 – a reference to his presidential number.

The Labor leader is an Arsenal season ticket holder and he hopes the present will help strengthen what he called the “very special relationship” between Britain and the United States.

A senior Downing Street official said: “It’s his team and he thought it would be a personal gift.”

The Prime Minister will also give US leaders a copy of the Atlantic Charter that paved the way for the formation of NATO, complete with then Labor leader Clement Attlee’s addendum.

Hopefully we’ll get pictures later – especially of the shirt…

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