Spokane City Council Demands ‘Safe Streets Now!’

Spokane, Washington Mayor Lisa Brown signed a new “Safe Streets Now!” a resolution that will task the city with improving pedestrian amenities with “adaptive design strategies,” reports Tim Clouser. “Examples of adaptive design strategies include curbs, curbs, wheel stops, lampposts, speed bumps, and painted crosswalks.”

The resolution was introduced by City Councilman Zack Zappone, who said, “Implementing these common sense measures ensures that everyone can move safely and securely through our shared spaces.”

According to Clouser, “The executive order also directs various departments to expand Spokane’s automated traffic safety camera program, the availability of street lighting and other traffic calming measures, such as increased pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure, according to the release.”

Another piece of new legislation creates a transportation commission that will combine the city’s four transportation-related agencies to streamline transportation-related policies and projects.

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