Glenn Powell’s film “Hit Man” filmed at the University of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In the new Netflix movie, “Torpedo“, which was filmed in New Orleans, Glenn Powell stars as a University of New Orleans professor who poses as a hit man to help the New Orleans Police Department make arrests.

Powell plays Gary Johnson, who is a real person. That means the movie is based on the true story of a fake hit man. Originally, the film was to be shot in Texas, but New Orleans ended up being the location for the film due to its tax breaks.

“Gary Johnson was a part-time professor and undercover cop, so when they moved the movie to New Orleans, they realized he needed to teach at a real university,” said Henry Griffin, associate professor at the University of New Orleans’ School of the Arts department.

UNO’s campus took center stage in the film.

“They had him teach in multiple classrooms, as well as teach outside in an amphitheater. I thought they were doing it on purpose to promote the university,” Griffin said.

Griffin served as the New Orleans consultant for the “Hit Man.”

“I was responsible for helping them find new locations. I was grateful that the Texas-based filmmakers took a shine to my school. UNO has never been in a movie before,” he said.

Griffin gives Powell’s professor’s performance high marks.

“It was my great privilege to take Powell with me to a class. We got to sit in on an ethics course in the philosophy department. We got to watch the professor’s mannerisms. In the film, you can see the professor’s real mannerisms in his performance,” Griffin said.

Obviously, Griffin thinks UNO makes the grade. Several students even got to be extras in the movie while filming on campus.

“That’s why UNO, which was centrally located in the movie, it really represents a new look at our city by showing you something that, again, isn’t on anyone’s short list of things to see in New Orleans, but maybe they” I’ll and checking in on us now, Griffin said.

“Hit Man” played in select theaters including Prytania Theatre and is now streaming on Netflix.

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