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With the election fast approaching, I want to use this week’s column to highlight some of the key differences between my incumbent opponent in the County Commission District 3 race, John Allocco, and myself. While no one likes negative campaigning, I think it’s important to stick to the facts and his record while contrasting how I plan to govern differently.

First and foremost, John has voted to raise taxes. When he voted this year for a 1% sales tax increase as a ballot measure, he indirectly supported a tax increase. Although he might try to hide his desire to raise taxes behind a referendum, John did not remain neutral after voting for it; he often speaks enthusiastically while persuading voters to sharply raise their own taxes on the upcoming election day.

​Whether he wants to call it a consumption tax or a “penny tax,” a tax increase is a tax increase, plain and simple. This will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over 29 years. Don’t be fooled when he suggests that much of this will be paid for by out-of-county visitors; Although we are blessed to live in this beautiful county, we must admit that Hernando County is not a tourist mecca or employment hub like Orlando, Tampa or Miami. Most of the increased revenue comes directly from our residents’ wallets.

That brings me to the subject of term limits. John has repeatedly stated the importance of serving only two terms (“if it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for a county commissioner”), but is now campaigning for a third term. John recently claimed at a Hernando Beach Property Owners forum — where he made his original 2020 pledge — that he’s backtracking on his original commitment to voters because he didn’t realize at the time how slow government was working.

When John made that statement in 2020, he had already served four years. I find it hard to accept that he was too naive after four years on the county board to understand that state bureaucracy is not known for speed or efficiency. This also begs the question: What does he want to accomplish that he has not been able to in the last eight years in office?

Let me make something clear: When I make a promise to voters, I see it as a sacred commitment and I expect to be held accountable. Not just around the election, but every vote I make at every county board meeting.

John envisions government gone wild and acting as a rubber stamp for developers who don’t have control over control of Pasco our Hernando. With that comes increased taxes, overcrowded schools, traffic… the list goes on. I am not grateful for developers or shady organizations that want to see our history, charm and quality of life eroded.

​If you want to know more about me, please visit my website at or find me on Facebook. I am asking for your vote for Hernando County Commissioner of District 3 in the Republican Primary on August 20, 2024.

Marvin Baynham is a Christian husband, father, firefighter and conservative. Public service is easy for Marvin because he does it for a living as a firefighter. Marvin understands the power of servant leadership and how to bring the community together.

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