City Council votes to revoke South Fulton smoke shop license after police raid

A South Fulton smoke shop has lost its business license after it was accused of illegally selling marijuana.

The South Fulton City Council voted Tuesday night to revoke the license of Air Freshener Depot II, located on Campbellton Road.

The store has been closed since early May when a SWAT team raided the business.

Police accuse the smoke shop of selling weed, but the shop’s lawyer says the products it sold did not violate any laws.

“We have a whole new legal landscape where things that look like marijuana and smell like marijuana are not necessarily marijuana,” attorney Tom Church told FOX in June.

Shaizen Khoja, tthe store manager says the product they sold was hemp, below the legal limit for Delta-9 THC, but officials say lab tests found some products slightly over the limit.

Khoja and his associates also face potential drug-trafficking charges.

“We’re fighting a handful of tests that show slightly different numbers,” Church said.

Security footage from the raid (included)

The store has filed a civil lawsuit in Georgia Superior Court seeking a temporary restraining order against South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows and his department.

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