Temple University Raises Tuition 4.2%

Temple University’s Board of Trustees announces a new operating budget that includes a 4.2% increase in college tuition.

This new tuition is for 2024-2025 undergraduate and graduate students both in-state and out-of-state and will be applicable to all academic programs.

The base tuition for this fall will now be $9,432 per semester for Pennsylvania residents and $16,956 per semester for non-Pennsylvania residents. Mandatory fees will be $508 per semester.

“Our operating budget is driven almost entirely by tuition revenue, but we must ensure that the burden of covering the rising costs of higher education does not fall entirely on our students,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ken Kaiser. “So, in addition to the significant increase in student aid, we have once again reduced the university’s operating budget.”

The board increased tuition for the second year in a row because it does not expect an increase in funding from the state.

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