Spanish Supreme Court closes terrorism investigation against Puigdemont – Euractiv

Supreme Court Justice Susana Polo on Tuesday agreed to drop the case against several defendants in the so-called “democratic tsunami” case, in which Spanish courts investigated violent demonstrations by Catalan separatist groups following the conviction of several people responsible for orchestrating the 2017 secession attempt was an act of terrorism.

One of the cases the investigation focused on was the blockade of Barcelona airport runways by pro-Puigdemont separatist groups in 2019, blocking air traffic for several hours.

Polo made his decision after another judge had previously suspended the criminal proceedings for this case at the Spanish National Supreme Court (Audencia Nacional) in an investigation that has been ongoing since July 29, 2021 due to an error regarding the time frame of an extension of the procedure , Euractiv’s partner EFE reported.

Polo pointed out on Tuesday that Puigdemont was not under investigation before that date, “which prevents the procedure from continuing through the formalities of the procedure (…)” before Supreme Court.

The conclusion of that investigation came on the same day that another judge in Spain refused to apply a controversial amnesty law to Puigdemont in a case investigating alleged Russian interference in the Catalan independence process between 2012 and 2023, the period covered by the amnesty law.

Puigdemont, leader of the far-right separatist party JxCat, was president of the Catalan regional government at the time of the region’s illegal unilateral declaration of independence. After that he fled from Spanish justice to Belgium.

But the separatist leader recently assured that, despite all legal proceedings against him, he would be able to return to Spain without fear of arrest to attend a hypothetical inauguration ceremony as regional president, as JxCat was the second largest party after the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) last May the year snap regional elections.

Meanwhile, PSC leader and former health minister Salvador Illa is negotiating against the clock with other regional parties, notably the left-wing separatist Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), to try to form a stable government before the end of August and avoid a repeat election.

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